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Cycle Syncing 

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Phases of your menstrual cycle 

The menstrual cycle can first be broken down into two phases. The Follicular phase and the Luteal phase. 

Follicular - what's happening here? 

Luteal- what's happening here? 

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  •  1st half of your cycle 

  •  Typically days 1-14 but could range from day 1-21

  • This is day 1-right after ovulation- our hormones are at their lowest at the beginning of this phase 

  • You DO have excellent capabilities to recover & handle stress at this time so it is OK and encouraged to push some workouts 

  • A  "normal" cycle is anywhere between 28-35 days - the length of our cycle can change over time and as we age

  • At this time in our cycle we are closest to mimicking male hormones this can lead to an increase in energy and motivation 

  • If you're going tp try and new workout, diet, fast or habit now would be the best time- cravings are usually at a low point at this time 

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  • This phase happens after ovulation if no egg has been implanted - second half of your cycle 

  • What's the goal of this phase? To build your  endometrial lining.

  • Progesterone is rising so we may see a bit of energy expenditure

  • Things we may notice in this phase- mood swing, lower HRV, trouble sleeping, harder timer recovering and increased levels of soreness & fatigue 

  • Progesterone rises in this phase - we call this your "shy girl hormone" if estrogen is the life of the party this is the curl under the covers and recover girl- respect that you will most likely want to eat more complex carbs at this time and take it slow the week before your cycle 

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