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My Top Wellness Tips 

Below are my top wellness/ fitness/ life tips that I have found to be critically important in my own life,  both on a personal level and within the fitness space. These are all things I hope to teach and talk about with my clients whether you're

new to working out or a seasoned veteran in the gym!  

Please note these are in no particular order 

1. Diets teach people how not to eat, most people need to learn HOW to eat

2.  How you do anything is how you do everything 

3. Less is always more, you do not need to clock in 1-2 hour workouts a day. 15-20 minutes is better than 0 minutes. It's the consistency that really counts  

4. You do not need to be sore to have had a good workout 

5. Figure out your boundaries, if you're not happy with a situation do not blame it on another person, especially if you're allowing that person/ thing to break YOUR boundary. It is you that you have to check in with

6. Find things/ hobbies that destress you that are not food or drink. Such as a bath, a book, a walk/ phone call with a friend, petting an animal, podcasts. Be content being alone

7. You will find everything in the world online. Facts that support keto or don't support keto, things that are pro vegan and con vegan. 100 reasons why you should fast and 100 reasons why you should not fast. Do what works for you, not what works for someone else

8. Remember what it feels like to work with someone who gives it their all. Whether it is a massage therapist, doctor, nurse, chiro, PT...anyone who you have received a service from and they did exceptional work. Remember how it felt to receive that and hope to emulate that feeling to others when you're working with them regardless of your job or position 

9. Use protein to maximize satiety, eat your protein first - animal foods are the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Be curious about organ meats. If you can eat them frequently. We evolved as omnivores, most of us will still respond well to this style of eating 

10.Eat ingredients, not calories. Worry about what makes up your food versus the calories that are in it. If possible one weekend visit the farm or farm stand where you get your meat, dairy and vegetables. Try to support local and eat locally,  if anything be aware of where your food comes from

11. Walking and hitting a step goal, ideally outside, is some of the best cardio that does not feel like cardio. This will have an enormous effect on your body and aesthetic goals. We will talk about Zone training when working together   

12. If you can not look in the mirror and point out 1-3 things you love about your self AND your body no amount of working out or fitness level will bring you happiness or satisfaction

13. If you are a female, it is crucial to be working with your hormones not against them. I can not stress enough the importance of cycle syncing and becoming aware of your bodies hormonal signs- our bodies are always talking with us, often if something is wrong it comes as a whisper before a giant knock at your door. Let's honor the whisper first  

14. Focusing on metabolic health, insulin sensitivity and body composition ( or body recomposition ) is often better than just losing weight, 9 times out of 10 we want an increase in muscle mass as our main focus not weight loss  

15. We live in a very comfortable world now a days, modern technology has at times made it possible for us to not lift a finger,  it is very OK to get uncomfortable and challenge yourself both mentally and physically outside of your own comfort zone and I would encourage this 





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