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"Prendre Soin"- To Take Care 

A space to take care of one's body & mind

Online and In-person Coaching 

Meet Leah 

Certified Balanced Body Pilates Instructor, NASM Personal Trainer, Trigger Point Release Therapy Coach, Precision Nutrition Certified, Corporate Wellness Consultant &


Hello and welcome, a little about me!


I have been teaching movement for more than 9 years and for 8 years here in Boston. What started as a love of sports and teamwork has grown into a passion encompassing nutrition, movement, hormonal support, body awareness as well as an overall interest in increasing our health span.


Each of my clients have a mix of strength training, mobility, flexibility and nutrition weaved throughout their programs. Each program is unique to each client. We will take careful consideration to your specific body type, heath history as well as current and future fitness goals. I have a strong focus on joint mobility, flexibility with a focus on prehab and rehab focused movement. We will focus on nutrition in the way of educating about proper nourishment and what your body needs to thrive versus a quick unsustainable weight loss approach. If you're coming to me for a quick weight loss goal I am not your coach. We focus on creating habits and a lifestyle that will serve you for the rest of your life, not 6 weeks! 



My degree and background is in Biology and Psychology.  Before moving into 1 - 1 coaching I worked at the Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center at the Brown Medical School. Deciding to turn to a more preventive and proactive approach to health led me to pursue certifications in personal training and in Pilates. In this space I am able to have a more hands on and direct approach to my client's wellbeing and fitness programs. 

My certifications are in the following areas:


1. Balanced Body Pilates Instructor 

2. NASM Personal Trainer 

3. Trigger Point Release Therapy Coach

4. Precision Nutrition Coach 


What I Specialize In

1-1 Personal Training and Pilates Training 

Establishing eating habits that work for you and brining awareness to nutritional guidelines based on VO2 max tests + DEXA scans 

Trigger Point Release Therapy & 1-1 Mobility classes 

Online and In-person corporate classes- movement and wellness  based workshops

Weight loss, injury prevention + rehab


- Joshua Holtz

Let’s Get Moving 

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